Annie’s Annual

Annie’s annual with the vet is coming up next week. That’s not normally a problem with our critters. They don’t much care for their vet visits, but I can get the rest of them there with a minimum of difficulty. Annie, however, is going to be a challenge. I have no idea how I am going to capture her.

For those of you new to the blog, I captured Annie, part of a community cat colony, last November when she was on death’s door. She had been TNR’d by our group some months before and was doing fine, and then took a bad turn. She was so sick that even though she was a nearly six-month-old feral, she let me just pick her up and put her in a carrier.

Help look
Annie at her worst, days before capture


She was being eaten from the inside out by hookworms, as it turned out,  and we weren’t sure her colon would ever fully recover. But several months of care and heaps of meds restored her to full health. By that time, however, she had been away from her colony too long to return her, so she is a permanent member of our household now.

When I was nursing Annie she liked me just fine. She was contained in our upstairs cat room, and she would sit on my lap to eat, and purr when I pet her.She loved playing with me, especially when play involved feathers.


Once she was healthy and had the run of the house she was far more interested in our other cats, and her feral sense of fear about people returned. She lets me pet her ever so briefly when I put food down – mostly because I won’t give her food unless she lets me touch her – and she comes to look at me often, at a distance. Maybe she remembers that I was her nurse…not sure. But come in her direction and she’s off and running.

So getting her into a carrier next week should be very interesting. I’m sure food bribes will be required, but I’m not sure that will be enough. I really want to get her to the vet, however, not only because her vaccinations are due. I want to show off the really beautiful cat she’s become, after the sickly kitten she used to be. The vet hasn’t seen her in probably six months, and she’s not going to believe the difference.  If we make it to the vet’s office. Stay tuned…

Annie and Thomas
Annie on the left, with Thomas


9 thoughts on “Annie’s Annual

    1. Annie will come close for food, but picking her up is a totally different matter. Even food is not enough for that, but we’ll figure something out…I hope!

      1. I understand. My George kitty does not like the camera, either. I always take shots of him without the flash, but he, too, is a suspicious fellow.

  1. Best of luck with Annie. We had a cat, Sugars, who fought us every step of the way to the vet’s office.

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