The Orange Brothers, kittens from our most recent TNR week, are still with me, and will be a bit longer. One got over the diarrhea pretty quickly, and the second one has had more trouble. He graduated to a vet visit today, and we’re moving from the natural solutions (added fiber, etc.) to meds. Hopefully he will be better in a few days.

In the meantime, since he has to hang out with me for awhile longer, we moved his brother to a dog crate as well, and put them side by side. They would prefer to be in the same crate, but I need to see who is pooping what and how much and how often, so side by side crates is the best we can do for now. But it seems to be good enough. These two are in heaven now that they can touch each other again. They are definitely deeply bonded siblings, and perhaps having his brother within paw grabbing distance will help the sicker one feel better sooner.

The healthier one definitely likes the camera and is quite photogenic.


He also loved his first toy, a little ball with a bell. I actually gave him two toys, but he drowned the other in no time, so we’ll stick with the ball for now.



His brother is less enamored of the camera. Maybe it’s because he’s still not feeling up to par. I suspect what he’s thinking in this next photo is: “I’m grooming. Do you mind?”


And then: “Now I’m eating…are we done with the photo session yet?”


What the boys enjoy most, however, is reaching out and touching each other. You can feel how comforting it is for each, and they deserve a little (or probably a lot) of comfort after the tough week they’ve had. Hopefully the next days will be a lot easier for them.



(Terrible photo, but had to try to show you how they are touching through their crates.)


Is anyone there???


I’m here…just down a bit, under the shelf.


The Orange Brothers fell asleep this evening on their shelves, laying as close as they could get, with paws reaching through the crates, each touching the other. It does not get sweeter than that.

Night, night, brothers. Sleep well.

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    1. These are feral kitties, part of a local colony. So we know who mom is, but dad is a mystery. And they may be able to go into one of the rescue groups for adoption. Waiting to see!

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