She had an immense curiosity about life, and was constantly staring and wondering.”
Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but Annie must not know that saying. As a feral kitten brought in late, she is still quite leery of me. I can’t touch her, except for a quick pet when I put her food down. She keeps her distance much of the time, and if I walk toward her she scrams. But she spends a significant part of each day watching me. She usually watches from a distance of maybe 5-6 feet. I’ll find her often looking into my office to see what I’m doing, or even sitting next to my chair if I’m watching TV. She seems endlessly curious about whatever I am doing, or just about me in general.

She won’t stay around if I try to touch her or move toward her,  though last evening she walked right by my chair and took a quick sniff of my hand, and on a good night, if I am still and patient, she will eat some kibble from my hand. But for some reason that only she knows, she watches me incessantly. Maybe some small piece of her remembers that I nursed her back from the grave last year, and that she used to sit on my lap when she was sick. Those days are long gone. The feral part of her took over when she got healthy, but maybe some tiny piece of her brain remembers.  In the meantime, she’s pretty amusing.  Here’s Ms. Annie, caught staring at me, hiding (sort of) on the stairs and hanging out with (and stalking) the gang.










16 thoughts on “Curiousity Hasn’t Killed Her Yet

  1. Annie is adorable, and yes, she must certainly remember all that you did for her and definitely appreciate it.

    1. She’s a sweetie, and I hope she gets more comfortable with people contact over time. Always tough for the ferals.

  2. I am sure that sweet Annie remembers…she must have many memories and maybe she is still putting them all in boxes….gorgeous girl 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  3. Wow, so beautiful. That would be torture for me. I’d definitely need to snuggle that kitty.

    1. I know what you mean, Mary. I’d love to snuggle her too, but it isn’t about me unfortunately. Maybe in time…

    1. She is a beauty. We would never have known it when she was so close to death last year, but she has blossomed!

  4. Sounds exactly like my Hazel. She is 9 and still wary but she will let me pet her sometimes. Whenever my hand comes close (and I do it low with the palms up) she cowers as if she fears I will hit her which has never happened here. What ever happened to the brothers orange? They were so beautiful.

    1. The colony caretaker demanded that the brothers orange come back to her colony, which just about broke our hearts. Very sad day…we so wanted to get them into a home instead, but it wasn’t our decision.

      1. It totally broke my heart. I know we could have found them a wonderful home together and they were going to be easily socialized. There are folks out there with hard hearts.

  5. Annie’s a beauty. Love those green eyes!
    I adopted a ‘colony’ cat when she was between 6 & 9 mos. after she’d had a litter of 2. She hid from everyone except the dog, who for some reason she didn’t fear. It wasn’t until she was about 10 yrs. old that she would tolerate petting. I ‘trained’ her by brushing her, which she now loves. She will even cuddle on occasion and has become a sweet companion. So there’s hope for Annie!

    1. That’s a great story, Eliza. Our Annie loves the other cats, and doesn’t mind the dogs. But I hope, over time, she gets more comfortable with people. I’m patient! Thanks for giving me hope.

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