Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist: Dogs and Cat

This week’s photo challenge asks for minimalist photos – which I love. Simple is best in my book. I love the simple photos that show the personalities of my dogs and cats, be that quiet and laid back, anxious, or mischievous.













18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist: Dogs and Cat

  1. Great finish with the cat eyes. Caught me off guard. 😀

  2. I vote for the last pic. I love cats! I like the way she (or he) stares at us like she is in a hunt. So beautiful and dangerous ❤

    • That’s Annie, a feral kitten that was close to dying last year that I took in and nursed until she was well (many months!). She has many kitty friends in the house, but is still nervous around people, but she’s coming around. She can be quite tentative in her movement, and a great hunter when it comes to pouncing on the other cats!

      • Lovely Annie, I’d like to know more about her 🙂 We love cats here in Vietnam. I always hangout with friend in a coffee shop with many kinds of cats and kittens in Ho Chi Minh city. They are cute just like Annie does ❤ ❤

      • How fun to hang out in a coffee shop with cats!! There are many posts about Annie on my blog, but here is one of the earlier ones, a month of two after I captured her, and she was on the road to recovery. She is completely well now – something no one thought possible, but she’s a survivor. (We weren’t sure at first if she was a girl or boy – hence the names!)

      • ❤ Poor Annie, I check the post out. U did a great work to bring Annie back to a happy life after a miserable life. Cats are vulnerable 😦

  3. I love Annie’s eyes! That is pricesless 🙂

  4. Love them! Annie, ah Annie such a bright-eyed beauty you’ve become.

  5. The cat photo has my minimalistic vote! 🙂 Is the ear clipped due to TNR?

    • Yes, the ear tip is a TNR mark. I work with a TNR group, and she was done as a kitten, and some months later developed a severe case of hookworm. I re-captured her and spent months nursing her back to health. By then she had been inside too long to return to her colony. So, though still a bit feral, she is learning slowly to be an indoor cat, and enjoys hanging out with our other 6 kitties, who show her the ropes.

  6. The photo with the black blanket is priceless – beautifully done!

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