Crazy Sunday


This cat’s expression says it all. What the hell happened today? Are we having a “scare Debra” day? Did I miss the announcement? Honestly, if I’d known I would just have stayed in bed this morning.

One client with a dog that has a probable urinary tract infection. The poor thing squatted about 15 times in 20 minutes. Walked into another client home early this morning to visit with a group of three cats, and there is blood all over the place. Looks like a health issue for one of the cats, rather than a cat fight.  And I am trying to get one of the feral kitties, who was spayed on Friday, to eat or pee. I’d be happy with either at this point. Luckily she let me force feed her a slurry of turkey baby food and water a bit ago, and I’ll give her some more this evening, so at least she is getting something in her system. But she gets to go to the vet tomorrow am if she hasn’t eaten and peed by then.

If all of this keeps me out of the vet’s offices over the Thanksgiving weekend, then I’m good with it. Holiday weekends are just notorious times for pets to decide to have medical issues, so if we’re doing holiday sick pets early and we can get through Thanksgiving with everyone healthy, I could live with that. But what a crazy day. If this was a test, I hope I passed.

“Is this some sort of test?”
“Everything that doesn’t kill you is.”
“Mind you,” he added, “surviving doesn’t always mean you passed.”
Michelle Sagara West, Cast In Secret

14 thoughts on “Crazy Sunday

  1. I really hope things settle or are resolved before your yes always when pets decide to become ill or injure themselves…hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Luckily the cat who wasn’t eating or peeing did both overnight. At least one problem solved!

  2. Poor pup! I always feel so badly because you can’t explain things to a pet. My house is doing good. Everyone is healthy although Jake is notorious for getting sick on a holiday. Our vet is by herself and doesn’t work on holidays so it’s always a crapshoot if I can get him in somewhere.

    1. My vet office isn’t open holidays either – many are not – but very thankful for the 24/7 emergency vets in the area. Not cheap, but when you need someone…

      1. Our emergency center is $200 just to walk through the door. Fortunately, there is another vet who does holiday weekends. Jake is almost a regular there. I like her and sometimes I think about switching him over. I have a sense of loyalty to the other vet but she’s by herself and has been limiting her hours. That’s ok for my 3 healthy ones but as I said Jake mostly gets sick weekends and holidays. Its’ a dilemma.

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