Annie in her bed

This photo probably looks like a cat sleeping in a bed…pretty normal stuff, right? It would be in the cat weren’t Annie, and the bed out in the open.

Annie, our former and still partly feral cat, usually sleeps in closets and places where she can not only see you coming, but can get her claws out for a friendly warning if you’re even thinking of petting her. Petting is allowed while she eats and that’s about it, and even that is limited to 2 or 3 quick pets.

So finding Annie sleeping out in the open in a cat bed next to a window was just a bit of a shock today. Apparently Annie has made a New Year’s resolution to come on our and engage the world a bit more. She even let me pet her for and give her chin rubs. I’m not sure what happened between December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015, but I like it. Happy New Year, Annie.



And Happy New Year to the rest of you too!

20 thoughts on “Annie’s New Year’s Resolution

  1. So wonderful. The small breakthroughs that happen with formal ferals are magical experiences. A bright start to the New Year indeed,

  2. sweet sleeping kitty that is the only kitty because as soon as she moves Woof On am On her..

    1. That one green eye is definitely keeping watch! She’s not letting her guard down totally yet.

  3. Dear Annie….you are so very brave and I am so happy that you are coming out of your fearful place…God Bless you kitty girl…you have made your human family very happy and your mom is blessed:) You are beautiful Annie…I love your eyes and all those pretty stripes:) Kitty Luvs and Hugs from HRCG

  4. How wonderful! It’s a landmark moment that you’ll never forget. πŸ™‚

    I remember the first time I saw Mr. Tom really sleeping out in the open (outside, he hasn’t moved inside yet), instead of being on guard. And when he first felt safe enough to roll around in the driveway. It would just look normal to anyone passing by, but it was a huge step. And I was so happy that he felt like he could finally relax a little.

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