The Failed Walk Day

Butterscotch loves winter….loves. With her year-round northern-dog-of-some-sort coat, she adores the cold temperatures of wintertime. She will sit outside on the snow for ages if you let her.

Butterscotch who loves the snow!

But she’s not too pleased with ice. We tried for a walk today, but after she went down several times we gave up and came home. Ice is not kind to a 14 year-old dog with arthritis. She ended up slipping once with all four feet splayed out and couldn’t even move, poor thing. She is now recovering by napping in the office with me, but she is not a happy camper. She loves her walks, but they will have to wait for the warmer temps that are on the way.


About this, she is not happy. Guess I’m going to have a moping dog for a bit.What can I say?



18 thoughts on “The Failed Walk Day

  1. Well, she is one beautiful moping dog. On the other hand when Jake, my 17 year old cat with multiple issues can’t go out because of the cold, he gets cranky. He will yell and smack anyone within smacking distance. We all stay away from him until he can go out and do whatever it is he prefers to do outside. Warmer temps on the way. Yay for both of them.

    1. Hiro, our indoor/outdoor guy is the same way. Goes out, comes back in minutes later, truly pissed that it is nasty outside and takes it out on the world. Glad we have warmer temps coming later this week. We all need a break from Hiro’s crankiness!

  2. we know what you mean even my agile legs fall out from under me.. take care we have 2 senior dogs we understand

  3. Our dog whines and whines, no matter the temperature, to go out on the front porch. I don’t like leaving her out there without the front door being open, either! Needless to say, it’s been too cold lately, so there’s been a lot of whining! We sympathize! Ellie and Steve

  4. Poor Butterscotch. Riley can sympathize — she’s the same age and her feet can go out from under her just walking across the kitchen floor. I hope the temps warm up for a proper walk soon!

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