Go Daddy’s Superbowl Commercial: What were they thinking?

I don’t share a lot of petitions, but this Super Bowl commercial from Go Daddy simply appalled me on so many levels. Take a look, and sign if you feel so moved! I think they were trying to mock all the Super Bowl commercials featuring puppies, but they must be completely unaware of issues in animal welfare. Big miss.


UPDATE: Go Daddy has pulled the ad!!! Wonderful what good things can happen when people speak out!

11 thoughts on “Go Daddy’s Superbowl Commercial: What were they thinking?

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    Thanks to my sis for sharing this petition. I know some publicist somewhere is yelling “there’s no such thing as bad publicity!” But this commercial from Go Daddy needs to go. So wrong, in so many ways. Please consider weighing in.

  2. I was going to sign the petition but it is now closed.
    Go Daddy will not air their offensive ad !!
    40,428 supporters.

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