Mysteries abound in pet sitting. Why does a dog or cat do thus-and-such? Why isn’t the cat using the litter box? If the diabetic dog didn’t eat this morning, should I give insulin anyway, and how much? And why does the dog insist on humping my leg? Perhaps the biggest mystery of all, especially in modern kitchens: where is the trash??? We spend more time looking for kitchen trash containers than most anything else.  Kitchen planners have done way too good a job of disguising the trash bin location.

But my newest mystery I’ve dubbed Stonehenge. E., a cat I’ve cared for over the last couple years or so, has these cute little stuffed balls that he enjoys. And lately, it seems like he’s using them to communicate something. The kitty’s people are moving (sob…) and every time a potential buyer has come through the house, E. has gone and found the balls (put away, of course, so as not to distract potential buyers) and E. arranges them in a straight line.


What this means is anybody’s guess. Stonehenge is thought to be an ancient burial site. Is E. trying to bury the potential buyers?

Just to see what would happen, I’ve been putting them in a pile each day when I visit, and E. rearranges them before my next visit. No two days have been alike.




If any of you speak Kitty Stonehenge and can guess what E. is trying to tell us, we would be glad for the enlightenment. E sits happily looking at his creation, and, at least so far, keeping the mystery to himself.


Which, I suppose, is pretty normal for any self-respecting cat. Cat and mystery are pretty much synonymous in my experience, but that doesn’t keep me from being curious.


12 thoughts on “Kitty Stonehenge

  1. I hate selling houses because I have cats. This current group will just hide under the beds except for Morgan who will escort anyone around. The last group were more likely to dart outside when a door was open or take a stinky dump just as the doorknob turned. I looked at a house once where the cat was banished to the basement. I spent a few moments stroking and talking gently and she didn’t recommend I buy the house. So I didn’t.

    1. Too funny, Kate! Especially the cat taking a stinking dump just as folks enter. I can so see my cats doing that.

  2. My George Bailey took out his distress due to a visitor who has been here for 7 months by peeing everywhere but the litter box. Or, if I left a towel on the floor, he would pee on that. He finally got over it, but it was not fun while it lasted. The person will be leaving in a couple of weeks, and I do hope we do not have to make adjustments afterward.

  3. My two Persians have a game they play using a wand toy with a colored cloth streaming off it. One cat will walk around the house with the wand in his mouth. At some point, he drops the wand and starts mewing a pitiful meow.

    This attracts the other cat in a full run. The cat with the wand either hides in a box or starts running. In either case, the other one chases his brother into the next room where they do something (chew on each other…! give each other stink eyes…! who knows?!), then they run through the house with the “prey” cat now acting as the “predator”.

    They switch roles each time they switch directions, and continue for minutes till they exhaust themselves.

    They invented this game and the rules are not all that clear since the wand seems unimportant to the eventual play. It’s never touched again until one of the cats wants his brother to play with him.

    My theory is they want me to play with them (the wand is to attract my attention to the fact they are in the mood to play, I guess), but since they turned it into a chase game of their own invention when I didn’t get the hint, I’m not that important to the outcome!

    It may be this cat’s getting less play time with the details of the move taking his humans’ time more and more, but he still needs to play. Could it be that he’s trying to create a play situation with the stuffed balls?

    1. Cats a definitely a mystery – what a hoot about the game your two have. Who knows about E. He is a really old and kinda frail guy but he does like to play a little bit. It may be he’s trying to engage some play, or he may be trying to tattle on his companion cat…hard to know.

  4. Oh bless he’s just making his part of the world normal! ..he can control that you see :)..when we were selling our house three of the girls would go UTB and I must admit I would have joined them too! but panther that she is followed them..everywhere..demanded pats and loves as well..even had one couple ask if she came with the house!! they were quite smitten..the guy that did buy it wanted our pet sheep…I had to explain to the real estate agent they were family….sheesh..loves Fozziemum xxx

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