Faith in the kids

Some of you know that I am involved with our local TNR (trap, neuter, return) group, Derry Township Community Cats. (And no, that’s not in Ireland…I wish! We are in Pennsylvania.) I was foolish enough to take on being President of our little band for a bit, and along with all the yucky stuff comes some really neat stuff that I get to do.

Recently one of our leadership team suggested that our group might enjoy being the recipient of our township school’s third grade project. They have the Penny Wars each year, and all the third grade classes compete on collecting change, which is then donated to charity. Well, they decided we would be one of the charities this year, and I went with another board member to the assembly to accept the check.

We were expecting a check for $20 or something, enough for a rabies shot. We were more than a little shocked, surprised and grateful for the check they presented us. How many rabies shots do you think we can buy with this?


The third grade classes of the Derry Township School District rock!! And they give me all sorts of hope for the kids who will be the caretakers of the homeless animals tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Faith in the kids

  1. Hi! This is Ray. I was rescued and had to be treated for Stage 2 Heartworm. I was lucky because there were a lot of people who wanted to help and my expensive treatment was successful. I am now living in a lovely home where I am totally spoiled. It’s schools like Derry Township which come to our rescue in our time of need, and all I can do is wag my tail and say “Woof!” Thanks to those little humans, many animals will have a better life. Perhaps they could teach some big humans about caring, compassion and all that stuff?

    1. All I can say is Amen!, Ray. And I am so glad there were some big humans who cared enough to help you when you needed it most!

      1. Hey …….. my history of cats is not good, but you sound quite nice….. or did your Mom write that? If it was you, then you could almost be a dog and that is quite an honour! Woof! Ray.

  2. Okay, I think my eyes are dripping…. So happy for the cats who will benefit from this. Don’t know if it is universal that many people where I live don’t think a cat is worth their time and energy.

    1. Many people think of cats as being without much value. But we are very grateful for the teachers and parents who are helping our young people learn that the outdoor kitties are worthy of care too.

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