Sick of Ice

We are Really. And it is soooo tough on Butterscotch, who isn’t all the strong on her old legs to begin with. This morning the world was an ice rink and she couldn’t begin to stand up outside. The solution: shovel out an area so there was just a small layer of snow (conveniently located under the ice) and put down the “red carpet” for her. She wasn’t happy that she didn’t get to pick her own pee spot, but that’s just the way it goes right now!


10 thoughts on “Sick of Ice

  1. Yup …………. know that frustration only too well. We have shoveled out Ray’s routes around the garden and may have to put some sand down for traction. Spring cannot be far away and then we have to get the pump set up to pump the resulting water accumulations out of the garden!

  2. We are also sick of ice, raining now that is to turn to ice this afternoon. Our Baby Boy is up in age and he has a hard time getting around on the frozen stuff too. Hope we all have sunshine and dry ground soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Riley and I are SO with you guys! Slush melted and it’s currently raining, but it’s supposed to freeze again AND snow more overnight. At this point, I wouldn’t care if Riley did her thing on the astro-turf-covered back porch, but she won’t — she simply must go into the yard. AUGH.

    1. Yeah, you really can’t blame the dogs for any accidents or even alternate locations for potty time in these conditions. May it end soon.

  4. We’re tired of ice, too. We have a 15-year-old lab with very, very weak hind legs and it’s all we can do to get her outside to potty, only to have her slip-sliding around when she gets out there. We welcome the Spring thaws at any time. 🙂 Best wishes!

    1. May it all go away soon so our senior dogs have a little less stress in their lives.

  5. We have had eight feet of snow. And there’s only a little small space left for Grady to find his spot. Where he’s blind, it confuses him when the landscape changes with all the snowbanks.

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