Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver


I haven’t shared much about Annie lately…thought some of you might like an update. For newer folks here, Annie was a very sick feral kitten that I captured and nursed from the edge of the grave back to health over four months. By then it was too late to return her to her colony, so she joined our house full of cats. Having been captured as a kitten of about seven months she is still fairly shy of people, but she loves the cats in the house and is content with her life I think.

We’ve had Annie about fifteen months now, and she has made a bit of progress toward trusting us. Not a lot, but she does the best she can. She is curious about us mostly, and she hangs out to watch us. Very occasionally she allows some light petting. She watches other cats climb in our laps and come to be pet and I think she wants to try it, but she lacks the courage still. We can wait.


In the meantime she is very healthy and active. A little too active sometimes for our largely-senior population! Every once in a while we hear a “correction” being administered by one of the older cats.

Like all formerly-feral cats, Annie is always ready to eat. Having spent her formative months hoping and fighting for food, she never turns down a meal or a snack.



(All of our cats get snacks occasionally on the breakfast bar and chairs so the dogs can’t join in.)

If she were outside still I have no doubt that Annie would be an extraordinary hunter. Her prey instinct remains strong.




When her brothers and sisters are lucky, she targets a toy instead of them. She has loved toys since one of our cats, Thomas, introduced her to them when she was first here and so sick. She still lives to play with anything moving, and that’s the easiest way for me, as a person, to interact with her. She would play from one end of the day to the other given a chance.


We’ve never brought such a feral kitty into the house before, and we’ve had much to learn over the last 15 months or so. I’m told it takes a long time for these little ones to trust two-legged creatures, and I’m here to say that’s true. If you’re looking for a snuggly kitty, don’t go for a feral cat! But she is warming up slowly, and getting closer each month, so there is hope. I doubt she’ll ever be a snuggler, though you never know. My goal for her is less lofty: I’d like to be able to actually put her in a cat carrier for her annual vet appointment this August rather than having to trap her! We’ll see…



15 thoughts on “Annie’s Wild and Precious Life

  1. She is a beauty but didn’t I always say that? Reminds me of Hazel my sort of formerly feral cat. Got her when she was 6 months. She’s been here 8 years and she still runs from me. The only time I can get her (for the vet trip) is to pick her up when she’s eating breakfast. She is so focused on food at that point that I can touch her. Sometimes I can pet her. Sometimes not. She does watch the others climb up on the sofa for snuggles but so far she will jump up, purr, look at me and jump down. I guess we’re getting there just not sure either one of us will be alive when she does. Hazel would have been a good barn cat but I know she enjoys her feline friends here. Oh yes, and the feedings, I can’t forget the feedings. She adores food best of all. Great pictures.

    1. Hazel and Annie sound a lot alike! Behaviors are pretty much identical. I can touch Annie when I put food down, and VERY occasionally I find her in a cat bed and she lets me pet for a few seconds, but that’s about it for now.

  2. She is such a pretty cat. That first photo is precious!
    My 14-yr.old was a colony cat and hid for years, but loved the dogs. A few years ago, she came into our laps, it was such a surprise we took photos! Now she is quite social, so there is hope!

    1. She is really lovely. And I love your story. Annie used to sleep under and inside things and now she sleeps in the open and will sometimes let me pet her there, so I have hope!

    1. She is so cute when she is stalking, though some of the older cats in the house would disagree when they are the target!

  3. She is a beautiful kitty girl…I love her eyes and all her colors…I know in time she will trust you as once she bonds to you, she will always be with you…she is yet young and testing the waters…I do think she already knows you are her family now…wish I could give her a kitty hug and you too:)

    1. Yes, she does know she has a home and family now, and we are very glad to have her be part of it. She’s a sweetie.

  4. She has come a long way and she will dance to her tune and decide when and if she gets more all of us we have our ways and work our lives out..well done she has thrived !! loves Fozziemum xx

    1. She has thrived, and I know that will continue in her own good time with a little help from us!

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