Have you missed me? Probably not, but I’ve missed being here. TNR (trap/neuter/return) season is back in full swing and I was very busy for the last week or so caring for the cats. All went home today except these two little guys who have a minor respiratory thing going on, so they’re staying with me a few days for meds before heading back to the barn where they live. Eight-month old boys, and they are very friendly, and lots of fun. Except when they dump their litter box all over the place…several times a day. Boys will be boys, I guess.


Smokey, the grey one, of course, is a real ham for the camera and everything else. Social butterfly if I ever saw one, and mischief maker to boot.


One of the best parts of the large TNR network in our area is meeting other like-minded folks, and forming new partnerships. We were fortunate to find a really fabulous organization in our area that can help us with the surgery and recovery of cats in a way that solves many problems for us, chief of them being that we don’t have a facility for our program yet. So all the cats have been stored and cared for at my house for the last 9 months, which has been a test of my sanity. But our new partner will rehab the cats for several days after surgery for us, and that makes a world of difference. They are primarily a rescue and adoption group, so we’re helping them by curtailing the number of kittens being born in our area, and they’re helping us with very low-cost surgeries and rehabbing our cats. It is a great partnership with good people, and we are grateful.

So, deep breath time while I finish up with the two little hooligans who will go home on Sunday, and then we start all over again with a new round. My personal goal is 150 cats this year. We did around 300 each of the last two years, so half that number should be no problem, right?? Here kitty, kitty…come to mamma.



6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

    1. They grey one in particular is a real character! And thank you for missing me – that’s so kind!

    1. I’ll let the two little hooligans know you think they’re cute. Hopefully it won’t go to their heads.

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