Growth Spurt

Sorry to be so absent lately. Partly it is my busy pet sitting season. Partly pet sitting for some animals who aren’t terribly well. Partly that I made the decision to stretch myself and get a real camera, and spend some time studying and try to bump up my skills. The camera arrived yesterday, and…Read more »

New friends

Been an intensely busy week…too tired to think of anything terribly interesting to say. But thought you might like to meet some new pals of mine. Very sweet kitty clients, one and all!        

Cats and Politics

I’m not much of a political creature. Which is to say, I don’t usually jump into political circles or get into many political arguments. Most of my life, I’ve let others do the heavy lifting in that arena. But I made the mistake of  becoming president of Derry Township Community Cats at the beginning of…Read more »

TNR Week Two

We’re still catching up on the calls from folks over the winter with cats who needed our trap/neuter/return (TNR) services, so we’ve been working our tails off lately. There are those in the TNR world who think you should spay and neuter free-roaming cats even in the dead of winter, and I understand and respect…Read more »