Cats and Politics

I’m not much of a political creature. Which is to say, I don’t usually jump into political circles or get into many political arguments. Most of my life, I’ve let others do the heavy lifting in that arena. But I made the mistake of  becoming president of Derry Township Community Cats at the beginning of 2015, and now I need to play…like it or not! It is, for me, pretty new territory. I can assure you that I am a better kitty nurse than I am a politician for the cats, but I’m trying!

Derry Township Community Cats (DTCC) is our local trap, neuter, return (TNR) program, and I am passionate about it, to say the least. We have taken more than 600 community (free-roaming) cats through out program in a little over two years, and that’s a pretty impressive track record.

Community cat

We have been doing this out of our own homes for the past two years, which has been more than a little taxing. And now, with summer heat starting to hit, we don’t have anyplace to keep the cats that is temperature controlled. My garage, where the cats have been for the last 6 months or so doesn’t have ventilation, and I would need to replace the electric line to make the space habitable for the cats in the summer. I love the program, but not that much!

Since this program benefits our Township – as in saves them money, and lets the police do other things than trap cats and take them to be euthanized – we sorta feel like they would benefit from giving us one of the many empty spaces in town to work in. And so I am on the agenda of the Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday night to plead our case. Otherwise, the program ends with this week’s last TNR group. Six months without us working, and the cat numbers on this area would rise exponentially.


Black cat


And so, I am getting political. Hopefully just for a little while. I can’t say I enjoy this. But I’ll do all I can for the cats, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll know I did my best.

If you happen to be here in Derry Township, you can get political and help too. We’ve started an online petition to ask the Board of Supervisors for help. If you happen to live here in Derry Township, PA, please get political for just a moment and sign it…even add a comment about why it is important.

Thanks for listening…back to our regular content soon!

Grey tiger

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  1. just state the facts as you know them. I’m sure the council has no idea the scope and scale of the problem nor your (clearly) beneficial work.

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