Been an intensely busy week…too tired to think of anything terribly interesting to say. But thought you might like to meet some new pals of mine. Very sweet kitty clients, one and all!










8 thoughts on “New friends

  1. They have such knowing eyes. Wars could be stopped if everyone stopped and petted kitties for half an hour every day.

    1. Great idea!! I was watching Shark Tank on tv last night and one of the entrepreneurs came in with handfuls of kittens and the sharks just melted. Maybe we could do that in war zones or senate/congressional offices!

    1. Oh, thank you Kate. I suspect there is no such thing as an ugly cat…maybe an unkempt one sometimes, but beautiful at the core, always.

      1. Hazel would be my ugly duckling. She’s bland, slightly overweight (even after 6 months of dieting) and shy. As she has gotten older she has blossomed. Given the right angle she takes wonderful pictures. I always say that I adopted her because at the adoption event she was clearly a frightened homely cat no one would be attracted to but she is wonderful. She loves the other cats and is not at all aggressive. What I didn’t need was another prima donna.

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