Sometimes in doing trap/neuter/release (TNR) work we get cats that are “broken,” the subject of this week’s photo challenge. Blackie – or so we named him – was one of those broken cats. He came in with a badly lacerated eye, and bite wounds on his tail. Someone had done a number on him.


This photo was taken after about four weeks of nursing. Originally he looked much worse.  Definitely broken.



He was not a cat that could go back out to his colony. His eye would never heal entirely, and it would only get infected over and over outside. So we found Blackie a home in a wonderful cat sanctuary where he can live out his life under a watchful eye, and get medical treatment if needed. This was the last time I saw the sweet boy, as he said farewell, and joined his new family.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken: Cat

    1. That must have been difficult for your step daughter. Blackie was lucky he was trapped when he was. At least now he lives in a safe place. He probably would have died slowly and painfully otherwise.

    1. He was hurting when he got trapped, but at least we were able to help him recover and now he lives in a wonderful safe place, so all is good!

    1. We were really glad to get him a safe place too. His life outside would have been way too hard!

  1. Poor boy, I hope he likes his new home. We had a cat that lost one eye and you’d never know he was ‘handicapped’ by his attitude. He was alpha until he passed at the age of 15. He is a legend in this family.

    1. Animals can accommodate to so much – perhaps a good lesson for us two-legged animals!

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