Sorry to be so absent lately. Partly it is my busy pet sitting season. Partly pet sitting for some animals who aren’t terribly well. Partly that I made the decision to stretch myself and get a real camera, and spend some time studying and try to bump up my skills. The camera arrived yesterday, and without doing much of anything at all, it intimidated the daylights out of me. I couldn’t even figure out how to put the strap on the silly thing.  I hit the overwhelmed spot after less than an hour, parked the camera on a chair and ignored it, and eventually went to bed. I was seriously contemplating packing it up and sending it back.

It was still on the chair this morning, but I had a ton of work to do, so I let it be. It is an amazingly patient thing…no nagging or anything. I finally had some conversation with it (and with my sister, who is my camera coach) and got some very elementary photos done this evening.

I bought this camera so I would have something to grow into. I may be dead before I understand all of its workings, but I will not be bored.  I may never figure out how to put the strap on but I’m hoping my husband can do that. Here are some of my first photos. No great shakes, but you gotta start somewhere. I guess I’ll send in the warranty cards.






And, of course, a cat!



6 thoughts on “Growth Spurt

  1. Not knowing what camera you have, I am guessing at least an SLR with a seemingly infinite number of options/settings. Somewhere there will be a setting that puts the camera in automatic mode, which is probably a good place to start. That will enable you to play with close and distant objects, different lighting situations etc. without worrying about shutter speeds, exposure times etc.etc. Of course it means that you will not be using your cameras many abilities …. but that can come later when you are more comfortable and want to experiment with back lighting, time delays, high speed subjects and so on. Remember it must be fun and perhaps having fun, at the present, is keeping it simple! 🙂

  2. Of course “and a cat.” Have fun learning the ins and outs. I had a photography class in college, and I doubt I would know what to do with the camera.

  3. Lovely! My DSLR was a gift from my parents and I am thankful my dad put the camera strap on 🙂 — after several months of trying to dig in with user’s guide and tutorials online, a couple friends and I lined up a workshop with an area professional photographer who has both group and private workshops and the learning curve grew exponentially! The hands-on learning setting was the key for me. I know our community ed does classes, also. You are obviously well on your way to getting the hang of your new camera!

    1. My husband got the strap on today…I can figure out ISO, aperture and shutter speed, but not the strap. And I also cheated and bought the same camera my sister has so I always have someone to ask. There was a method to my madness.

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