This week the photo challenge is to show vivid.  Since I have this new camera which I am trying to learn, I thought I’d tackle the challenge with some new photos.

Off to Hershey Gardens I went. Word was that the roses were at their peak. Well, with the last few days being quite cold, the roses were passing the peak quickly, but I got this interesting shot of one very vivid rose at its peak, next to one which is on the way out. Perhaps it creates a vivid contrast!


A second definition of the word “vivid” informs photo #2.

  • archaic
    (of a person or animal) lively and vigorous.
    Our cat, Hiro, is about as lively and vigorous as it gets…perhaps a little bit too much so some days, but we love him anyway. Here’s Hiro enjoying the first bit of sun on the porch this evening with us. If nothing else, his markings are quite remarkable and vivid!


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