The temperatures have gone over 90 for the first time in 2015, and we’re not yet adjusted to the heat. (We don’t have central air in this 100+ year old house.) We’re getting there, but for the moment, we are all a tad warm, especially those with fur coats on.  There’s not a lot of energy happening here today!








11 thoughts on “Hot

  1. Concrete floors are cool (but hard) as are wood floors. Having a fan blow over a container of cold/icy water can be nice. Having A/C is so much better though! 🙂

    1. Cool thoughts, ceiling fans, and lots of cool water, and we’ll make it through the summer!

  2. Curtains closed on the sunny side, a nice fan blowing, kitty fountains gurgling and not much movement in my house. We are finally hot now and the humidity makes it worse so no laser tag today..

    1. Definitely no laser tag when it is hot and humid!! Just lazy hot days and nice cool drinks all around.

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