This week’s photo challenge – to show you my muse for photography – was so simple. Her name is Butterscotch! She’s very photogenic, though she gets quite tired of modeling at times. She’s also getting pretty old, as you can tell by her “sugar face,” as my sister calls it, so there are a lot of shots of her sleeping. But I have a few of her awake, just so y’all know she doesn’t sleep 24/7.  Here are some new photos and some old as well.









Butterscotch who loves the snow!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse – Butterscotch

  1. I was torn between my four-legged muse and the big Lake …. and since I headed to Grand Marais this weekend with camera in hand while my four-legged muse headed to the cabin with my husband, the Lake won :-). Butterscotch is a very loveable muse!

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