Our TNR (trap/neuter/return) team worked very hard this spring, but summers are usually quiet times for us. Not because there aren’t kittens everywhere, but we find that lots of caretakers are going on vacation or whatever, and not so interested in catching the cats in the summertime. Come September our numbers of cats TNR’d swell.

So I was planning to take a little bit of time off this month. My pet sitting schedule is at its peak for the year, and that keeps me plenty busy. But the cats, and a few very good caretakers, had other plans. Our quiet July turned into July-on-steroids, and we’re going to get a lot of cats through those clinics this month.

One colony of kittens is scheduled for their surgeries later this month, but this little guy couldn’t wait.


His eyes were crusty with goop (technical term) and eyes are never something to fool with. At his young age, a good infection could cause blindness, so we scooped him up early, and he spent the night with us before heading off to the vet today, and as soon as he is well, his surgery.

The poor guy came in with poop all over his hind end and legs, stinking up the place. Some grooming wipes made a huge difference. Hot compresses for the eyes helped clear away some of the green mucus covering his eyes, and he started to look a bit happier. Best of all, after he got over being really scared – he was, after all, yanked away from his siblings and mom and taken to a strange place – he decided he was hungry, a huge relief to me. A cat that wants to eat is not in complete crisis, and we like it that way.


He looked a lot better this morning, after a night of rest in a clean place and more food. His eyes even look better, though there’s not much question that he’ll need some meds to clear up whatever infection he’s harboring there. He’s very young, and maybe too young to TNR, and if so, we’ll care for him until he’s old enough. Aside from being scared, he shows signs of accepting people, and even purred when I pet him last night. He didn’t even struggle while I held him and cleaned him off with the grooming wipes. Paws crossed that there will be a spot for him in the adoption queue. He’s a little sweetie, and it would be really lovely if he could get himself a good inside home.

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    1. Totally – this guy was purring for me 15 minutes after being taken away from his home. He is a total sweetie!!

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