Let me tell you that trapping and caring for cats in 90 degree plus heat is not much fun. Some of the folks in our crew have been out there in the heat of the day in order to trap a large colony we’ve been wanting to get for years. Ten cats, eight of them kittens, have been trapped so far. There’s one more mamma that we know about…hoping we can get her tomorrow.

This is the colony that the little grey kitten we think of as June came from. We’ll have to find out on Wednesday if June is actually a girl kitten, but for now, that’s the gender she’s been assigned, and I hope it doesn’t cause him or her confusion later on.

June’s recovering very nicely, and so I moved her out to the surgery center tonight to hang with her litter mates and pals. She has been DESPERATE for friends, and for a little tiny thing, has an incredibly commanding Meow. Especially at 2 am. So for our own sanity, it was time to let her rejoin her gang.

I put her into a dog crate with two other kittens from her colony. One was just caught today, and the poor guy had an eye that was so swollen shut that the vet had trouble seeing the eyeball under all that red swollen misery. That’s gotta hurt. He got a steroid shot to help reduce the swelling, and lots of eye drops and antibiotics. The other kitten came in Sunday and is the cutest orange and white guy – a real sweetie.

June, however, started trying to play with the sick kitty, wrestling and annoying the daylights out of the poor guy. I watched for about two minutes, and decided sick kitty was getting a private room. Well, a private trap, but still private. He didn’t need June wailing on him, even in the guise of play.

Orange and white kitty, however, was gonna give as good as he got, and he and June were having an absolute blast this evening. I’m sure their dog crate will be completely trashed by morning, and everyone in the place is going to be meowing at them at 2 in the morning to go to bed already.

Some pictures of the two, taken with my camera. Shot quality is poor, but thought you’d enjoy them anyway.

"Hey, can't a guy get some dinner without being disturbed?"
“Hey, can’t a guy get some dinner without being disturbed?”





Does a heart good to see these guys having a great time, and knowing that we’re going to find them great homes to go to, instead of returning them outside. Little by little we make a difference.

4 thoughts on “TNR Stories…and it is still July.

  1. I thought of you over the weekend. I stopped at our local Plow and Hearth store and I heard what I thought was a bird inside yelling. Finally I asked if a bird got inside. A woman came out from the back with what looked like a mouse. She volunteers at a shelter and someone dropped off a tiny kitten less than a week old (still had the umbilical cord). She was feeding it with a bottle every two hours and her employer allowed her to bring it into work. OMG! My heart was filled. The little thing (didn’t know the sex) was quite vocal for such a small thing. The eyes weren’t opened yet. I’m hoping it survives. There are good people around (and good employers too).

    1. I hope the little thing makes it too – and what wonderful people to provide such extraordinary care. Thanks for the story…does my heart good.

    1. That’s a big colony. No wonder you were overwhelmed. But thanks for taking care of them!

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