Little Piper

Part of my volunteer work with Derry Township Community Cats involves caring for cats that need a little extra TLC for one reason or another. Usually the cats are ill, and need someone with a smidgen of experience with medical issues. But this week I have a very healthy kitten who just needs a place to hang for a week until she can be spayed, and hopefully go into one of the local rescue’s adoption programs.

Meet Piper…

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Piper was sweet and so well behaved her first two days with me. Model house-guest. She’s still sweet, but her true personality has come out now that she’s comfortable. Piper is a diva.

Piper looks at kitten chow, turns up her nose, and waits for the canned food to be served. She will only eat kibble in the dead of the night when I’m not around to serve the good stuff. And she is a playing machine.

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I  introduced her to a cat dancer a couple days ago, and she is obsessed. I had her out of her kitty condo in our cat room with one of our own cats, and she wasn’t too excited about Thomas being in the room with her. But I put her toy about 6 inches from Thomas, and she decided she didn’t dislike him enough to stop her from getting her cat dancer.

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During our little photo session it was impossible to get pictures of her doing anything but playing. You can’t blame her though. She isn’t free to roam all the time, and when she is out of her condo, she makes the most of it. Smart kitten.

She’s gotten to spend some time with the dogs, which was a bit of a shock for her! Luckily neither dog had any interest in her at all, so no threat. She went from Halloween cat, with her back arched and tail fully fluffed out, to lying down and playing with her toys in just a few minutes. If she’s okay with dogs, that will make her even more adoptable.

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If we didn’t already have seven cats, I’d keep her myself, but seven is already too many! She is absolutely gorgeous, healthy, playful, and sassy…she’s going to make someone very happy. In the meantime, until her surgery next Wednesday, we’ll have a little fun with her and gently introduce her to as many new things as we can. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if our 80 lb dog ends up moving out of her way before her time is up here!

And please don’t tell her she’s the subject of my blog…it will totally go to her head!

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12 thoughts on “Little Piper

  1. So adorable. I get weak too and I think 4 is too many. It’s when they get older and have special needs that it gets harder. When they are sweet young fluff balls and even as adults, the number doesn’t matter except when there is a cat fight for your lap.

    1. Cat fights are one issue…peeing around becomes another with this many cats! Seven is already too many…gonna hold the line there.

      1. Don’t have the fight issues. Jake will “correct” Morgan (or anyone including me) who annoys him with a wonk on the head. Peeing is a different issue. Jake doesn’t like other cats to pee in his box. Tell that to the other cats. Yep, we have a towel outside the box. When he is truly annoyed he pees on the towel instead. Poop doesn’t seem to be a problem though. Hopefully your little fluffball will find a wonderful home.

    1. I don’t know why your comments went to spam, Eliza, but yes, she is absolutely adorable! Super focused on playing and fun, which is a hoot.

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