WPC: Connected









Paris and Butterscotch

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7 thoughts on “WPC: Connected

  1. cuddles, and the top picture looks like the behind of kitkat and when Psycho was still with us.. Psycho was a black cat

    1. Those are two community cats. I like the ;picture because it isn’t what folks normally think of when they think of community cats.

    1. At the risk of giving you more than you care to know…! Feral cats are a subset of community cats. Community cats are all cats (sometimes called free-roaming cats) are all those who live outdoors, including friendly cats that people have just discarded. Feral cats are ones born outside and not friendly with humans, except perhaps a caretaker (someone who feeds them). They might get somewhat friendly with someone who feeds them, but most feral cats you won’t see because they are very scared of people. So endeth the lesson!

      1. This was great–thank you!–and very helpful. I have been feeding feral cats outside my office for almost 2 years now. We meet at the same time every day (they wait for me!) and I greet them the same way–and keep hoping they will let me pet them–but it never happens. So sad…

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