Of the kittens I’m fostering, two of the youngest (about 2 months old) are absolute hellions. Wild things. Having a good time! They are horrible about taking meds (tight burrito wrapping for these two when meds are involved) but they wrestle and play and climb and explore, and eat like little piggies. They are slobs too, but they’re only two months old, so we’ll let them have that.

This is the lead hellion, looking for a way to escape the dog crate. Can’t hurt to try, after all.

2015 09 18_0507_edited-1

2015 09 18_0509_edited-1

2015 09 18_0511_edited-1

I’m not sure if he is looking for an escape route here, or praying…could be either.

2015 09 18_0512_edited-1

P.S. If you’re local and looking for some young and lovely kittens, I can recommend some really nice ones looking for good homes. <g>

18 thoughts on “Looking for the Way Out

      1. We’ll be visiting the Poconos end of October…could always bring the kitty along!! At least I would know that she (or he) would have a good home. More pictures of other ones coming on Wednesday this coming week.

      1. One of our babies has decided to sleep in the food bowl so she doesn’t miss the food. So funny to see this hand-sized kitten completely at home and asleep. But if another cat comes along she can hiss like the best.

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