Little Grey Diva

Recently I mentioned one of the kitties that we pulled from a difficult environment, and said she (it was a she…final answer) didn’t look like she was going to live through the first night. She barely moved, and was covered in fleas and scabs, wouldn’t eat, and had that look in her eyes that said: “I give up.” The vet kept her so they could give her lots of supportive care, but she kept reminding me to keep my expectations low.

Well, our little grey kitty (a little younger than a year probably) not only made it, but she is back with me and eating up a storm. It turns out, however, that she is a bit of a diva! Use the litter box – not a chance. Eat kibble – you can’t be serious. Nice soft bed that she can stretch out in – yes, please.  Wet food within reach of the bed so she doesn’t have to get out of bed to eat – absolutely. Other kitties in the crate with her – no way!

2015 09 18_0479_edited-1

Despite all that, she is one lovely little girl. So sweet, and a purring machine, so we’re working on the diva bits. She deserves a really good home after all she’s been through. Partly, she just felt lousy, so now that she feels a bit better she isn’t growling at all the other residents of the room. Good.

She had some horrible bloody diarrhea when we got her, and no stool since…hard to make stool when you haven’t been eating. But she had a nice stool (sorry to those of you for whom this is TMI!) today and she did it in the litter box. There is hope! Since she stays in her cushy bed all day and night anyway (wouldn’t you, if you could?)  I’ve covered any free floor space in her crate with litter options, so unless she pees in her bed (doubt it) she’ll have to use the litter boxes.

2015 09 18_0480_edited-1

And she can have lots of wet food morning and evening, but in between I’m leaving her some kitten chow, and miraculously, she’s started eating some of it. I prefer wet food in general for cats, but not all adopters do…she needs to be a little more flexible.

But once a diva, always at least a bit of a diva, and she wants me to be sure to show her best side.

2015 09 18_0481_edited-1

I haven’t named her yet…what do you all think would be a good name for her?

16 thoughts on “Little Grey Diva

  1. She looks like a cat my friend had. Her name was “Queen Bee” and she deserved every letter! You have done a marvelous job with her. She looks very healthy.

    1. The vet gets all the credit for her being healthy – they kept her for a few days and gave her good supportive care until she bounced back.. Now if I could just get her to use the litter box…

      1. No – came from a situation where litter boxes were not available to her. This is new for her. We’re working on it.

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