WPC: Boundaries: Community Cats

This week’s photo challenge — boundaries  – reminded me the early days of Annie, our little feral kitten. Brought in as a very sick kitten at about seven months old (very late for an outdoor cat to feel comfortable inside with people) boundaries were critical to her. She needed them as a way of maintaining space between herself and me or other humans. She needed them to feel at all comfortable while she was nursed back to health, and eventually integrated into our home. She lived in a kitty enclosure inside a dog crate for the first month or so, before she got comfortable and moved to a larger kitty condo and eventually out into the wide open house, free to roam. But I have fond memories of her in her enclosure in an enclosure – very deep boundaries – at first, and watching those boundaries give her courage and confidence.


5 thoughts on “WPC: Boundaries: Community Cats

    1. Boundaries can, indeed, be very good and helpful tools. Annie really needed space between herself and us for quite a while…still does…just less of it now.

  1. Annie looks so cute…like she was still keeping an eye on you. I didn’t realize ferals needed that much space. I told you I feed a couple of ferals outside my work building. Almost 2 years now and they ‘talk’ to me but never am I allowed to get close to them. Breaks my heart, too.

    1. Thanks for feeding the ferals. It is so hard for them to trust us. I’ve had Annie inside for two years, and I get to pet her when I put food down, and she will sometimes eat from my hand. Otherwise she keeps her distance, though less distance than she used to need. A hard thing for free roaming cats to trust.

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