Six of the seven kittens will be going off to a rescue organization this Wednesday, beginning their journey toward good homes, far better than the one they were born into. They have gained weight and are close to what is normal for their ages, and their eye problems and upper respiratory problems are gone. They are happy little kittens, playful, and very affectionate. Just the kind of wonderful companions folks may be looking for. I will miss all of them, though I will be glad not to clean up after them any more. They are slobs, one and all!

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One stays with me, Mary. She’s about four and a half months old, and she has an ulcer in her eye. When I first rescued her, that eye was crusted shut, and the vet thought for a while that it would have to be open surgically. We weren’t even sure there was still an intact eye under all that crud. But over time, with repeated eye ointment, the eye began to open, and there was an eye still there, thankfully. It is a little cloudy, and her vision in that eye may always be limited. Plus she has an ulcer on the eye, and the vet asked me to continue to care for her until that resolves. Which I am glad to do.

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The problem is that this is my favorite kitten. She cuddles endlessly, and is a total lover. She has completely stolen my heart. But we already have seven cats, which is too many. It didn’t help at all that my husband pointed out that we have had eight cats before. We can’t have another cat. We’re trying to downsize our lives, and have fewer animals over time so we can sell this house that is too big for two, and move to a smaller place. We need fewer animals to do that.

So it is going to be a challenge to keep Mary longer. Not because I can’t care for her. But because caring for her creates a stronger bond by the day. I am thinking hard about people, especially clients, who would give her a loving home…then I could pet sit her. That would be the best solution.

She’s going to be a long-haired beauty. By the size of her paws and ears, I think she may be a good-sized cat. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a lap cat…she curls up on my shoulder now, and purrs up a storm. Paws crossed I can find her a really wonderful home. She lived in hell for the first few months of her life. She deserves heaven for the rest of it.

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