Homeward Bound

Mary has a home, and she’s headed there today!

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For those of you who might not know who she is, Mary is a kitten that we rescued from a very difficult situation, and she was one sick little girl. She was four months, and weighed only two pounds, and her eye was sealed shut by all sorts of crud. We didn’t even know if the eye was under all the swelling. A month later, and look at her! She not only had an eye under there, but it is whole. There was a good-sized ulcer on the eye, but it is a teensy sliver now, and on its way to being nothing. She’s doubled her weight and she is one happy little girl. A playing machine, especially with her cat dancer.

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And this evening, she goes to her furever family. Clients of mine, so I get to pet sit her here and there – woo hoo!! They are a great family, and the young boy has been running a countdown to Mary in his room. They went out and bought her way more stuff than she’ll ever need, but I love that they are so excited to have her. She’s getting a great family, and they’re getting a great cat.

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I will definitely miss this little girl. I get attached to the cats and kittens I nurse back to health, and it is hard to let them go. It helps that I will get to see her here and there, and also to know that she’s going to be very well loved.

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Have a wonderful life, little girl. You were born into misery, and you’re found your way out. You deserve only the best from here on in!


28 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I love happy endings especially for poor critters. Your group does wonderful work, not only helping to curb the continuing litters but in rehabbing those that are sick. My old cat Jake was my only foster and it was a failure. He was with me for 18 years. What’s worse is that I found a good home for him when he was about 6 months old and I refused to give him up. Never regretted it. (Well, maybe I did every once in a while. He was a diva!)

      1. Never regretted it (mostly). I was especially glad that I had him when he was diagnosed with diabetes because I would be willing to give those shots. A lot of people aren’t. There is a family saying here. Any animal that walks in the door, never leaves unless they are dead.

      2. Love this – no animal leaves out house unless they are dead either, and I wish everyone felt that way.

      3. It actually takes a little practice to learn to do that. I think I’ve learned, as a pet sitter, to hold a slight distance from the pets so I don’t collapse in a heap each time one passes away. Not enough distance that you don’t love and enjoy them, but just a tiny bit so your heart isn’t broken constantly. That helps in fostering too, especially when you know they’re going to a really great home.

    1. She is, indeed. Got her settled in her new home tonight, and the young son of the family gave me a big hug to thank me for her – so sweet!

  2. Ohhhh…she is perfect and so blessed by you. Thank you much for rescuing her:) She reminds me so much of my Minnie Mouse way back in 1995…she lived with me until 11-24-14…I miss her so much! I am so happy that this little girl is going to a family that will love her. God Bless you and God Bless Mary Kitty Angel:)

    1. Thanks – she was very welcomed by her new family last night. They are going to give her a great life.

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