WPC: Careful: Cats on the Hunt

The minute I saw this week’s photo challenge, being careful, I thought of cats stalking their prey. When a cat’s got his front paws flat on the ground, his hind legs firmly planted and ready to spring, a laser focus from the eyes, and especially his butt in the air, you had better be careful, especially if you’re the object he’s hunting!







9 thoughts on “WPC: Careful: Cats on the Hunt

  1. that last picture… 😀 That is my little Parker waiting to pounce when I open the door after Teemu and Kitty have finished eating. She is ready to grab any morsel of food they might have not eaten. Such cute photos.

    1. The young ones in our house love pouncing on the old ones especially. Fun for the young ones…not so much for some of the seniors!!

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