WPC: Careful: Cats on the Hunt

The minute I saw this week’s photo challenge, being careful, I thought of cats stalking their prey. When a cat’s got his front paws flat on the ground, his hind legs firmly planted and ready to spring, a laser focus from the eyes, and especially his butt in the air, you had better be careful, especially if you’re the object he’s hunting!







9 thoughts on “WPC: Careful: Cats on the Hunt

  1. pounce, I do that I like to wait and pounce

  2. Wonderful images. Love the 3rd shot down!

  3. that last picture… 😀 That is my little Parker waiting to pounce when I open the door after Teemu and Kitty have finished eating. She is ready to grab any morsel of food they might have not eaten. Such cute photos.

    • The young ones in our house love pouncing on the old ones especially. Fun for the young ones…not so much for some of the seniors!!

  4. I love it. Cats can be both filled with dignity and can clown around.

  5. Beautiful cats – and yes, careful hunters!

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