Marley and I are back from a week away near the Pocono Mountains in PA. We haven’t had a week off in three years, so it was really good to get away, sleep past 6 am, do some hiking, visit a winery, have lunch with friends…did I mention, sleeping past 6 am? We love our animals and our clients’ animals, but it was lovely to sleep late, and have a hot breakfast waiting in the hotel lobby each morning. I even got to meet one of my blogging buddies (and two of her cats) who I only knew from her blog, and that was a treat. Apparently, one of the cats was scared of the toy I brought them and the other loved it…you can’t please everyone.  It is back to reality now, but before that takes over too much, here are some images from our hikes. The fall colors were still hanging on when we got there, lasting a little later than usual, so we were lucky.

2015 10 30_0636_edited-1

2015 10 30_0694_edited-1

2015 10 30_0700_edited-1

2015 10 30_0718_edited-1

2015 10 30_0736_edited-1

2015 10 30_0739_edited-1

2015 10 30_0758_edited-1

2015 10 30_0767_edited-1

2015 10 30_0771_edited-1

2015 10 30_0779_edited-1

2015 10 30_0805_edited-1

12 thoughts on “Back from Vacation: Off topic blog

  1. You were lucky to get such color. It’s late this year (not complaining!). Great pictures with your new camera! Morgan is still playing with the squeaky ball. The other two periodically smell it to make sure it’s safe to have indoors. What can I say? They’re cats!

    1. I’m glad Morgan is having fun! And we were lucky. Other than the downpour on Wednesday we had a very good weather week, and lots of great color.It was great meeting you in person too!

  2. When I was younger, my family used to drive to a lodge in the Pocono Mountains from NJ every year before school started. So beautiful up there! Your photos brought back many happy memories from so long ago.

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