Two years has flown by quickly, though it didn’t always seem that way. I captured Annie, our little feral cat, on November 11, 2013. She was about six months old, and on death’s door then, a story told in my blog. After four months of intense care, she recovered completely, and has been living with us since.

Help look
Annie at her worst, days before capture


Annie now
Annie now

Annie was pretty old to bring in, by feral cat standards. She loved me when she had limited space and was sick, but once she had freedom of movement in the house, I was persona non grata. She loved our cats, especially Thomas, and they were all the community she needed. When it was time for her first year vaccines, I actually had to enlist the help of one of my TNR buddies to trap her, and took her to the vet in one of our feral cat traps. Fortunately, she was healthy and has stayed that way since her exam in September 2014.

Since then, she’s let me pet her for a few seconds while she ate, and she cautiously ate from my hand on occasion, but otherwise she stayed as far away from me as she could…until recently. Patricia, my TNR buddy, told me that someday Annie would come around and be friendly, and I thought she was crazy. Turns out she may be right. Annie lets me pet her at length while she’s eating, and she comes and sits by my chair if I’m watching TV. She scoots away from me still, but not very far and not very fast. Small changes, but I’m hopeful about the direction. She watches me all the time, especially when I’m petting one of the cats. She even let me pet her under the chin yesterday – absolutely unheard of before.

The vet keeps sending me reminder cards that Annie is due for her annual physical, and I don’t usually miss those appointments, but Annie’s exam will need to wait a bit. She’s happy and healthy, and starting to consider letting me be part of her life again, and I’m not about to mess that up by trapping her and taking her off to the vet just yet. Doing that would set us so far back I’d probably have to wait another two years to get back in her good graces.

Annie at one of her earliest vet appointments during recovery

So, in the meantime, we’ll just keep working on becoming friends again. I miss the little Annie who used to sit in my lap when she was so ill, and who enjoyed being with me. She shows signs of appearing again…paws crossed that it will be sooner rather than later.


9 thoughts on “Annie Two Years Later

  1. Hazel is a lot like her. She was picked up as a stray around 3 months and the foster mom (who really didn’t have room for her and her sister) put her in a large caged area with 10 other cats. She wasn’t socialized but gets along really well with other cats. She’s been here 9 years and it’s still a crap shoot as to whether she will let me touch her. In the past year, she will jump up and sit next to me while watching TV. It may only last a minute or two but it’s progress. She goes to the vet next week and I made the appointment so I can pick her up as she gets ready to eat breakfast. That’s the only time she’s very cooperative. It’ll be a good visit. Besides the shots I expect the vet to be happy that she lost substantial weight in the last year. She’s a really sweet cat but not a people cat. Hope your progress with Annie continues. At her age, I don’t think the vet apt is critical.

    1. Hooray for Hazel’s weight loss! And I agree that Annie’s vet appt isn’t critical right now. She’s not due for any vaccinations or anything. If she were sick I’d get her to the vet in a heartbeat, but so far she’s great!

      1. Me too, but at least I know they are alive and well. But it would have been so much better to have been able to get them indoor homes. Sigh.

  2. I still have another of the “kittens” from that summer. She looks just like Annie and altho the worst thing to happen to her was as being TNR, she has never become tame. I moved away and took her with me because she was so skittish no one would adopt her. Took one year for her to recover from that and she finally came out in my presence and I could touch her maybe once a week for a fleeting moment. Another year and we have moved again. This time she seemed less shocked and actually comes out to see me when I am on the toilet And allows a petting of longer minutes. She even wanders through the living room after dark while i’m sitting there. She chirps continuously when she is being seen as though she has something to say. She has to be the same age as Annie, but she is finally thawing and gets jealous when I pet the other cat of mine. She has however become the boss of my daughters cat and they race through the house after dark. People ask me why I have a cat that can’t be tamed but I think of Annie, and was delighted today to see that we are sharing this same journey and the light is slowly peeking into their hearts. And it’s worth every amazing moment of it. Peggy

    1. So nice to hear from you Peggy! I’m glad you’re still able to follow Annie’s journey, which began with your good care. And I’m so glad your cat is starting to see the light too. Patience does get rewarded eventually, or so I hope anyway!

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