Thanksgiving Day was absolutely beautiful here, with temps in the high 50’s and sunshine abounding. Butterscotch doesn’t get to be off-leash much anymore, not because she will run away, but because she can’t hear much of anything. She can walk around the block these days, but not a lot further. So her walks get a little dull, I fear.

Since it was gorgeous out, we packed both Paris and Butterscotch in the car, and drove them down to the fields for a little off-leash time. The fields are only about three blocks away, but too far for Butterscotch to walk and still enjoy a little romp.

Paris still has a good bit of pep, and Butterscotch did her best to romp, but she tired herself out quickly. So we enjoyed just hanging in the fields once she wore out. A good time was had by all! And the good exercise justified eating Thanksgiving dinner after, right?

(The last photo is Butterscotch’s interpretation of Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth, had Christina been a dog, and facing the other direction.)

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  1. Love their hearts..the old pups here tire easily…and now one of our sheep is deaf…all old here..but i like the patina of a senior pet..Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

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