There’s not much that’s cuter than a kitten, and a baby Bengal kitten ranks way up there on the cuteness scale. Here’s the little cutie I’ve been caring for. Wish I could have gotten you some photos of her jumping. Bengals are amazing jumpers…you would swear they were almost flying. But here are some photos of her at calmer moments.

2015 12 06_0989_edited-1

2015 12 06_0991_edited-1

2015 12 06_0993_edited-1

2015 12 06_0998_edited-1

2015 12 06_0999_edited-1


19 thoughts on “Baby Bengal

  1. They are rascals for certain. I met some when I was tutoring a young man. One of them eventually kind of cuddled up to me as long as it was her idea. Otherwise they would both disappear in the blink of a eye.

    1. This one is young, so she is fine hanging out with me. Her “brother” is a Savannah, (F8) and he wants nothing to do with me!

  2. They are amazing. We got a Bengal kitten the end of July. He keeps us totally entertained. He steals food and pens and loves crumples up paper and other toys. Good jumper and loves to play with our Ocicats.

  3. Hi, this is the human. She is a lovely, playful crazy kitty. Her brother is quite the wild one too but
    Savannah’s are partial to their humans. They were very well taken care of while we were gone and are happy their humans came home too. 😺

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