Mr. Ouchy Grouchy

The Monday lesson: It is very difficult to move a 75 pound dog who can’t stand up and who hurts. The lesson? Assume that when he growls at you he means it and back off.

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Poor Paris had another episode of non-specific ouchies the last few days, so off to the vet he went Monday morning. No broken or torn stuff…nothing specific. Just an old and large dog, and a spine that tires sometimes from carrying around 75 pounds of dog. He’s done this a few times over the last year, so he gets an NSAID for a few days, and starts with Butterscotch’s chiropractor next week. Let Dr. Maria help Paris’s body heal itself.

In the meantime, we have a sling to help him up and down, and once he gets moving he does okay. He’s not a fan of the stairs at the moment, or even getting up much. He’s content to be on the dog bed, and have his breakfast served there, so that’s what we’ll do for the time being. A couple days of the Carprofen and I think he’ll feel better.

2015 12 21_1015_edited-1

And with a little help from Dr. Maria next week, I think he’ll feel a lot better. Hang in there, Bud.



11 thoughts on “Mr. Ouchy Grouchy

  1. Hang in there, Paris. Sorry to hear you are hurting.

  2. Oh Paris sweet boy..just chillax…i know it really does kind of stink getting older 🙂 gentle hugs Fozziemum xxxx

  3. Sounds like an excellent reason for Santa to bring you extra treats, Paris! Feel better soon. 🙂

  4. Poor pup! My cat Mollie has recovered from having 2 teeth extracted and the change in her behavior is amazing. She is happier and more active. I guess she did have a constant toothache! I wish they could tell us how they feel so we can react quicker. Good luck to you and Paris. May the pain meds help a lot!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if they could tell us more directly where it hurts??! Some happy pain pills coming this afternoon for him…should help. I hope so anyway!!

  5. That face looks very much like my dog, although she is about half his size. The face tells us so much!

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