2016 01 23_1101_edited-1


2016 01 23_1110_edited-1

(PS…this photo is in full color. The world has turned white and grey.)


2016 01 23_1099_edited-1



2016 01 23_1115_edited-1


2016 01 23_1116_edited-1


What a difference 12 hours can make…and it is predicted to fall for another 12 hours! Thankfully, the only client I have is across the street you see here and down the alley. Even so, snow is already up to my thighs in places. Even a short walk qualifies as aerobic activity for the day!

Hunkering down, and going slow today.


7 thoughts on “That was then, this is now

  1. Refilled the bird feeders and bird bath this morning. Through drifting there was close to 3′ outside my back door. Had to shovel that out to be able to get out there. I have a flock of robins hunkering over. They emptied my bird bath twice yesterday and were at the edge of the pond drinking. I have crabapple trees so it’s one stop shopping for them. Stay snug and go slow.

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