Snowmagedon 2016

Sometimes new clients complain to me that they don’t have a backup plan for their pets in the event that weather prevents us from getting to their fur kids. We require backup plans for most animals. And though we truly appreciate that everyone thinks that we can’t be stopped by sleet, snow, ice and floods, it isn’t so. Nor would I wish it to be. Heroics are silly when they land pet sitters in the hospital, or worse. So we require folks to have someone with a key who lives within walking distance as a backup for events like this weekend’s. No one was going anywhere this weekend!

The roads have been plowed now, and we’re moving around, but this might give you a small idea of the amount of snow that had to be moved.

2016 01 26_1119_edited-1


2016 01 26_1126_edited-1


It took a bit of time, and the folks who were plowing worked marathon hours and did an amazing job. There are those who are still complaining on Facebook and elsewhere, and I invite them to get out there in a plow and do any better! Moving 30 inches of snow from all the roads and alleys in our Township takes time…that’s all there is to it!

In the meantime, my husband was caring for a dog client who lives three blocks from us. And because we can walk there we don’t require a backup plan…we ARE the backup plan. So Marley walked through 30 inches of snow three times a day to get to the dog. The client is “stuck” in Costa Rica…on the beach. Flights home cancelled. If they want us to keep caring for their dog, they had best downplay the beach part of their communications!!

By Sunday many of the main roads were clear, if not alleys and other secondary areas. We had a cat we’d set up with food on Friday, but by Sunday I really wanted to check in on him, so I got to crawl over snow banks created by the plows and walk about 200 feet through lots of snow. No pictures, but the snow was 30 inches and I am only 6o inches, so you get the idea. It was a good aerobic workout, but the kitty was very glad to see me and so worth it. Restocked the guy’s food, and assured him that his people will be home soon.

Black cat

Another of my kitty clients lives across the street from us, and down the alley, only the alley didn’t get plowed until Sunday night, so more aerobic workouts all weekend. Amazingly, I am not even sore from walking in snow up to my butt, and shoveling like a crazy woman for two days. Guess my workouts over the last year are paying off!

The crankiest member of our household was Hiro, who is the only cat of our seven who gets to go outside. Mostly because if he doesn’t he beats up all the other cats and pees everywhere. He was NOT happy to be indoors, and finally on Monday I let him out for a bit. He stood on the porch and gave me this incredibly offended look when he saw conditions outside. He tried to climb a snowbank, very unsuccessfully, and finally decided he wanted none of this nonsense and came back in. He goes out occasionally for a few minutes to see if conditions have improved yet, and is quite annoyed that we haven’t moved all the snow.

2016 01 26_1130_edited-1

Life is slowly returning to normal, and all the clients who couldn’t get home are gradually getting flights in. And we’re hoping the weather stays above freezing for a little while so some of these snow banks will start to melt. I suspect, however, they will be with us for some weeks to come. We may just start giving them all names.


11 thoughts on “Snowmagedon 2016

    1. Only our indoor/outdoor cat minds the weather…he is truly pissed that we can’t make the snow go away!

  1. Many years ago I got snowed in on a visit to Florida. My flight was cancelled. It was only a day. I was more worried that my cat sitter, who did not live nearby but worked at a nearby vet, would not make it. Fortunately she enlisted her boyfriend and his four wheel drive so all was well. My cats go into a screened porch. It only got about 4 to 6 inches of snow inside the porch but still. Morgan, who doesn’t like wet paws, wants to go out there and doesn’t understand why we put all that snow there. Yesterday I finally shoveled it out. Happy cat! Walking in it when it’s up to your hip is hard and exhausting.

    1. Hiro is the same way about snow outside. He is truly baffled about why we don’t make it all go away right now.

  2. Sounds like you had fun…of sorts. George Bailey, my cat, snuggled with me since I don’t remember when. For entertainment, he asked for belly rubbing regularly.

  3. Bless your hearts for going out in the snow for all those pets. When I was younger (much younger) I worked for a pet sitting service for a couple of years and one year we had a bad snow and I had to get out there just like you are doing in the snow and ice. I couldn’t do it now!!

    1. We all do what we can, when we can! Thanks for caring for pets in the past. I bet they really appreciated you.

  4. This is so amazing to me – the mid-Atlantic region is the new New England and we’ve flipped our winter for yours. Incredible. Wish I could have seen a video of your ‘swimming’ through the drifts. ;-D

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