February Photo Challenge: Day 1

OK, I’m setting myself a challenge to become more proficient with my camera. So for the month of February I am committing myself to spending enough time with the camera each day to capture one decent photo to post. And…I am going to only use the Manual setting…no cheating with aperture or shutter priority, or even worse, the auto features. Hopefully I will not drive myself, or any of you crazy in the process!

Here’s day one’s photo, one of our cats named Thomas, along with a favored mouse toy.

2016 01 31_1141_edited-1

7 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge: Day 1

  1. He’s a cutie pie, and I admire your intention to set Fstops/apertures manually, but I will continue to use the spell check feature on my documents. 😉

    1. Too funny! I’m a big fan of spell check too. But I am determined to understand ISO, aperture and shutter speeds. We’ll see how it goes.

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