Many of you know I work with a community cat TNR (trap/neuter/return) program, and that puts me in touch with lots of colonies in the area. Because the weather was perfect for it, I went to visit the colony that Annie came from a little over two years ago. (Annie was a sick feral kitten that I nursed for many months, and she lives with us now.) It was nice to see some of the cats I remember there, and even to be greeted by one of them. With the help of very good caregivers and lots of shelters, they got through our 30 inches of snow pretty well by the looks of things.

Photo lesson of the day: shooting black cats on white snow in bright sun is hard. Photoshop is my friend.

2016 01 31_1182_edited-1


2016 01 31_1195_edited-1


2016 01 31_1198_edited-1


2016 01 31_1206_edited-1


2016 01 31_1213_edited-1


2016 01 31_1219_edited-1


2016 01 31_1226_edited-2


2016 01 31_1242_edited-1


2016 01 31_1250_edited-1


2016 01 31_1263_edited-1


2016 01 31_1283_edited-1


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