February Photo Challenge: Day 3: Minh

Minh was born as a feral, but was quickly socialized by some neighbors. Minh lived in their outdoor hottub cupboard, and was very friendly with people, even strangers. He was about 6 months old or so when the neighbors wanted him to find another home, and we ended up taking him, of course. Which turned out to be a good thing, since he had an auto-immune condition which finally required the removal of all of his teeth when he was about 1 1/2 years old. Nothing helped him with his bloody mouth – not steroids, antibiotics, or anything else.

He has been great since the morning after his surgery those many years ago, and he’s quite the character. You can be very sure that if there’s ruckus involving cats in the house that Minh is one of the players. He just wants to play, but sometimes pushes the seniors a bit far. Like any cat born outside, he never misses a meal. When he does, you know he’s not well.

I often capture photos of Mihn looking sweet, or gentle, or handsome, but this is a bit closer to his real nature…a true character always planning mischief. Look closely behind those eyes and you know he’s contemplating something.

2016 02 02_1304_edited-1

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      1. It is not really vanity for cats. They are just making certain you don’t miss any golden hair that falls from his royal pelt.

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