February Photo Challenge, Day 4: Gabi

Gabi is our most senior critter, about 16 or 17. All of her blood work is fabulous, but she’s definitely slowing down. There may be some more tests in her near future, since it is hard to get her to eat much at at time. She jumps up on the breakfast bar when she wants a handful of kibble, and that works for me. But she still needs to be eating more.

As a kitten she drove me crazier than any cat ever has. Those of you who know calico cats probably know what I’m talking about. Gabi would pick an activity for the day – like digging a cord out of a specific outlet – and pursue it relentlessly. I could give her a one hour time out in a closed room, and the minute she was freed, she would return to her chosen task. She spent great amounts of time climbing on my desk, turning on and jamming the printer and throwing everything off the desk. It wasn’t until I wised up and realized she loved the negative attention, and ignored her, that things began to calm down. (Though digging plugs from outlets still wasn’t an activity that could be tolerated, for her own safety!)

When she was about six years old, three sibling kittens joined her and the cat who had been a devil-cat suddenly became Mother Superior, and cared for the kittens with the same gusto that she’d given to driving me crazy. A good friend of mine pointed out that the gap between Devil and Mother Superior might not be all that deep, so there you have it. She is still the matriarch of the house, and the younger ones know better than to bother her at naptime.

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11 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 4: Gabi

    1. Calicos and Torties are known to be sassy, opinionated, independent cats with strong personalities. Mostly anecdotal, of course.

  1. Looks like my childhood calico. My grey cat Morgan has a calico temperament and I had a black cat that chewed all electrical cords. I found one cord under the bed that had bare spots and couldn’t understand that she didn’t get electrocuted. Gabi is a beauty!

    1. She is a beauty, and she’s mellowed a lot as an older cat. Then again, so have I (as an older person) !

      1. I have a Shih Tzu who will be 16 this month. He was a rescue. He has never stopped telling us thank you. he sleeps a lot, but he still lays on the love for us. I make fresh food every week or so. He loves to cuddle up with me in the recliner. He’s almost blind, but he sniffs his way around. Ever cheerful and loving.

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