“Stripe?” the vet said to me, quizzically. I didn’t name her. She was named by a 7 year old boy. Maybe she actually had a stripe or two back then…I don’t remember, but that’s her name, descriptive or not.

Cranky might be a better name for Stripe. If she had her fondest wish, she would be an only cat – only animal – in the house. Even though she lives here with two siblings, that makes no difference to her. She’s fine with the people of the house. She loves us, in fact. But she would be delighted if we made the other cats and the dogs disappear.

One of her favorite spots is to hang with Marley when he’s on the computer at the breakfast bar. She will sit with him as long as he’s there. She also loves sitting with me in a chair in the living room, but it was hard for me to take that photo!

Her biggest gift is the evil eye she gives the world. She has it down cold! Nothing says “back off” like Stripe and her evil eye. She’s a sweetheart at base, but she would rather you weren’t aware of that fact.

2016 02 03_1321_edited-1

2016 02 03_1331_edited-1

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11 thoughts on “February Photo Challege, Day 5: Stripe

  1. Love the expression. My daughter has a tortie that has no good thing to say. She was a rescue, and I suppose she has never gotten over it. Occasionally, she will approach me, but if I so much as look in her direction, she hisses.

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