Annie was a double challenge today. She is pretty feral – a sick kitten I nursed back to health a couple years ago – and she loves our cats, but she’s not too sure about the two-leggeds yet. She’s doing a lot better, but has a ways to go. And so, she can often be found sleeping in dark closets, or other places that are too challenging for my camera skills at this time. She was out in the open today, but right in front of a bright window, which has its own challenges. Getting photos of her without her dashing away…well, the challenge level was high today. Here’s Annie, as best as I could do.

2016 02 08_1500_edited-2

2016 02 08_1511_edited-2

2016 02 08_1517_edited-2

14 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 9: Annie

  1. Annie is beautiful! My BobbieSue was a sick feral kitten when I took her in,too. She’s 6 and she will still only get with in arm’s reach of me to pet her. She’ll come a little closer – as long as I don’t try to pet her. I love her all the same!!

  2. Great photos. None of my cats are easy to photograph. Hazel closes her eyes. Mollie dashes off. Morgan….well….she’s a dark cat and likes dark spots. The clarity of Annie’s whiskers is wonderful! Can’t believe how much she has grown.

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