February Photo Challenge, Day 10: Snow Again!

It’s snowing again…it is February after all. It is pretty…

2016 02 09_1545_edited-2

But the sign on this school bus mirrors my thinking: Stop.

2016 02 09_1548_edited-1

Is it Spring yet?

9 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 10: Snow Again!

      1. Same here. I used to be fearless, then I got in an accident, slid off the road (luckily not hurt, but my car was), that changed my tune. Now I stay home! I understand you have little people depending on you, so you don’t have that choice.

      2. I had a bad accident in snow years ago…I was hurt and my car totalled, but had a head injury so don’t remember much of anything thankfully. But I still hate driving in snow!

      3. I hope you had a full recovery with no lasting problems – what a scary thing!
        I always tell my kids (and anyone who’ll listen) never to go over 30 mph in snow…I had to learn that the hard way. It drives me crazy to see other drivers going along like it is a sunny day. They appear clueless to the danger of driving in snow.

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