February Photo Challenge, Day 11

First of all, no new photo today. I took the day off! So you’ll see some older photos today. I took the day off for one very common reason, and another really good one. The first reason is that it was a busy day. Blah, blah, blah…we all have them.

But the really good reason is that I was busy signing the lease for a building for Derry Township Community Cats to use starting within weeks. No more cats in my garage, basement, and spare bedroom. 150 cats went through our home last year, and I was glad willing to have the space used, but 17-18 months of cats, pretty much non-stop, was enough.

Cats in basement

It was a long battle to find a space where we could house the community cats before and after their surgeries, and it has been three years in the making. But one amazing township official saw what we were doing for the township (our municipality) and realized the potential this program has to make even more of a difference, and he sat all the right people down at the table, and made it all happen for us. Gratitude doesn’t begin to describe what we feel.

We will soon have a building with a wonderful space for the cats with lots of natural light (way better than the light in my garage and basement), and a storage area where we can put all our traps, linens, food, equipment, rather than having it all dispersed between our various homes. We might actually be able to find something when we need it!

Some of the really sick cats might still get to hang in my spare bedroom, which has been the infirmary. If they need a lot of nursing it will be easier for me to care for them here. Like the kittens we took from a hoarding situation some months ago who needed lots of care.

2015 09 14_0475_edited-2

But having cats here once in a while will be just a bit less stressful than having them here almost all the time.

So today was about signing the lease, and providing all the insurance info, and all the details that go along with this project. Next week I’ll deal with the utility companies…too tired today. But so excited. We have dreamed of a building to use for so long, and I thought it might never happen. I was ready to drop the program if we couldn’t get a space to use, and am so glad that wasn’t necessary. We’ve been able to do amazing things without a building, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to accomplish with one.

11 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 11

    1. The group as a whole is amazing. Lots of people played important parts in making this happen!

  1. I am so excited for you! Kudos to that amazing township official….never have I heard those three words put together like that. What you do speaks volumes..big hugs!!

    1. There are very good folks in government out there, at least at times. We have been very fortunate to get such wonderful help.

  2. So happy for you but I bet there will be cats (visiting of course) in your home. The sick and maybe some other oddball situations. This is all great news and the timing is perfect.

    1. I’m sure there will be a cat here and there who gets to hang out here…just not 150 of them please!

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