February Photo Challenge, Day 12: Hiro

Hiro has some of the most unique markings of any cat I’ve ever seen, and I tried to capture a little of that for you here. He’s a cat with a strong personality, one who likes the dogs more than the cats in the house. In fact, Hiro likes to walk Butterscotch with me, much to the amusement of neighbors and passers-by. Hiro is far more likely to rub himself up against the dogs (which they don’t particularly care for) or cuddle with us two-leggeds than he is to be nice to any of the cats. He tolerates them as long as they let him be. If they disturb him, they had better run quickly.

He absolutely will not live inside at all times, and has to go out some each day, or he turns into devil-cat. (Except it is so cold today that he comes right back in with a very offended look on his face.) His light ear tip tells me that he was born outside, rescued young, and put into the adoption program where I volunteered a number of years ago. No one was picking him and he was getting to be an older kitten so I took him home. What else was I to do? He was too stunning a cat to let him languish for months on end.

2016 02 11_1557_edited-1

2016 02 11_1560_edited-1

2016 02 11_1565_edited-1

15 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 12: Hiro

  1. He is incredible…so beautiful….I love his colors and markings. I would have brought him home! I’m so glad that you did:) Thank you for sharing your beloved majestic Hiro:)

  2. He does have beautiful markings which you captured on your new camera. His eyes are so clear. I have trouble getting clear cat eyes with my new camera except for Morgan. I wonder if the others have some level of cataract or if it’s just a matter of the camera focus (or of course the dorky photographer!).

    1. Clear eyes can only be captured without a flash (in my experience). Indoors that means a very high ISO (6400 often). I go for the lowest aperture I can get and heavy on the zoom.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I will try that. If you saw my post today you can see the Mollie and Hazel are not clearly focused but Morgan was. I think Morgan was flashless because off the sunbeam.

      2. With cats you also have to have the highest shutter speed that works in the situation, unless cats are standing very still. Lots of challenges!! You can try putting the camera on shutter priority and see what happens.

  3. Oh, my, he’s so handsome! I can see why you caved and brought him home. He sounds a bit like my late Bruno, a Maine coon. He, too, had to go outside (or else!) and was more dog than cat, going for walks with the dogs and us every afternoon. If we ever got too far ahead, he would holler at us to wait up! We miss him still and it’s been 6 years.

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