February Photo Challenge, Day 15: Lily

Finally, here is the last of our crew. Lily is both shy and camera-shy, and capturing a picture of her, much less a good picture of her, is challenging. Thanks to my husband distracting her for a bit, we have something. Not a great something – some blown out areas – but the best I could get for now. Lily is the sister of Thomas and Stripe, three siblings I adopted about 12 years ago. She’s very sweet with us, but quick to move and run unless things are quiet and still. She is especially quick if you plan to use the bathroom. Lily generally hangs out in the upstairs cat room right next to the bathroom, and she can dive for the bathroom door faster than any cat I’ve ever know.

2016 02 14_1612_edited-2

10 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 15: Lily

    1. No choice! Cats are usually inside, and they are a main subject. Plus it is too damn cold to be outside!!!

    1. There will still be pix…was just trying to get everyone in at least once. Lily is so elusive when the camera comes out!

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