WPC: Seasons/Feb. Photo Challenge, Day 20

The weekly photo challenge – seasons – sent me outside for photos today. It is in the mid 30’s so not too bad. The challenge asked for photos of whatever weather was present in our world right now, and for us it is that grey and white season when winter is more than midway done, but spring isn’t quite on the horizon. So here is one of our garden pieces-the dog and cat cuddled up against the cold – surrounded in part by the lingering dirty snow, and behind it, a little dirt where the snow has melted. It is the in-between time here where one day it is winter, the next spring, and then back to winter again. Counting the days until spring I am.

2016 02 19_1683_edited-4

6 thoughts on “WPC: Seasons/Feb. Photo Challenge, Day 20

      1. Yes, today it was 47, which felt like heaven on our walk. It was 60 on our front porch and I just sat, soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air, something I haven’t been able to do for months. It felt SO good! 🙂 Nothing like contrast to heighten appreciation.

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