It was a tough morning today…which will be yesterday by the time you see this. It was the first time in my pet sitting career when I went to a client’s home and a cat was dead. It was expected, and the poor thing had been suffering; it was almost a relief to see her peaceful, but still sad. I  wrapped her in a towel for now, and sat with her a bit, placed my hand on her for a few moments and wished her well on the journey, and then went to comfort the other cats. Rest in peace little one.

Back home, while walking Butterscotch, I saw some daffs starting to poke up, and buds on the peony. The approach of spring and new life was good medicine this morning. May it come soon.

2016 02 21_1709_edited-1

2016 02 21_1715_edited-1


11 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 22: Signs of Spring

  1. It is always a mixed blessing when someone in pain is no longer in pain. But it hurts somehow just the same. We have had a number of delightful companions, and each one that came and left us also left us with a great deal of lore to help us cry and heal our wounded hearts. It strikes me that they come to make us better people.

  2. It is interesting to me to note that when love (attendance of owner) is withdrawn, many pets let go. Wasn’t there another client a few months back that got really sick? Some animals just can’t bear the perceived abandonment it seems. It is said that humans are the same, they hang on, then when everyone goes home to sleep, they are free to let go and pass away. It is almost as if a loved one’s presence anchors us here.

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